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More About Paid Banner Placement

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This is our paid placement pricing. All prices are asking price and negotiable. Prices are per year. Submit your banner to get in the tower! Download our building diagram for paid and free placement. PENTHOUSE OFFICE SUITES (10 Suites) P1____________________$12K P2____________________$10.75K P3-P5_________________$10.5K P6-P10________________$10K MAIN/GENERAL OCCUPANCY FREE! GROUND FLOOR (3 Ground Floor Units) GF1___________________$4.9K GF2___________________$4.5K GF3___________________$4.2K… Read More »More About Paid Banner Placement

Advertise With Us

We can do some really creative advertising at the Canna Banner Tower. If you’re interested in finding out more, email us! Email Us To Get More Information

Welcome to the Canna Banner Tower!

It’s July 31, 2022 and we have started building the world’s largest banner tower of cannabis industry businesses. Upload your static or animated leaderboard-sized banner and join in the fun.

Don’t Have A Banner?

Don’t have a banner? We can make one for you! For just fifty bucks we’ll make you a web banner for our banner tower (and you can use it anywhere else you want)! Just email or go to our support portal and ask for a banner!